Types of Rangoli You Shouldn’t miss

A wide range of customs are followed in India as a methods for favorable signs, for example, lighting light in Diwali, planting Tulsi tree infront of house and so forth. One of them is making Rangoli, The people craftsmanship Indian Rangoli is made on the floor at the front entryway. Rangoli is made in patios to welcome Hindus gods and guests,on diverse events and celebrations like Dipawali, Marriages, Pooja and some more. simple rangoli design is viewed as promising and fortunate for the home and familly,it is famous the nation over and has diverse names in various states like kolam in Tamilnadu ,alpana in Bengal ,chowk pujan in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

Chowk: Chowk purn is the most seasoned type of Rangoli in India, which is as yet made by old lady on the event of inviting guest,Poojas like Gangour, Chhath pooja,Styanarayan katha and so on. It is made by flour of wheat ,vermilion and turmeric, making chawk is viewed as extremely propitious and it is additionally said that it satisfies god and goddess.


Dabbed Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli implies the outline which is made by making dabs in equivalent lines and equivalent numbers in various shapes like square,circular,star. Later it is loaded with delightful hues and get a conventional outline for the most part made in south India.

Spotted Rangoli


Free Hand Rangoli: This is a standout amongst the most well-known and renowned type of Rangoli which can be found in each home in each event made by the assistance of various shades of sand. Its otherwise called ever green type of Rangoli.

More rangoli Designs here :



Bloom Petals Rangoli: The present day type of Rangoli which is made by the delightful petals of blossoms at the front entryway of house. Bloom Petals Rangoli is exceptionally eye satisfying alongside delightful aroma of blossoms like roses ,marigolds and lotus. Amid the celebration of Onam in Kerala, its the one of the real fascination of celebration known as Onam Pookalam.

Blossom outline rangoli


Alpana: Alpana is the most favorable sorts of Rangoli which is made by the smiled glue of rice. The forte of this Rangoli is that it is made by the assistance of just three fingers, Mostly plan by just Bengali individuals on the event of Durga pooja and Dipawali to welcome goddess laxmi’s.



Wooden Rangoli: This example of Rangoli is accompanied the settled arrangement of things like, flower,birds leaf and so forth, which can be masterminded at the divider or floor.



Drifting Rangoli: The advanced and most youthful type of in which diyas, flower,candles coast on the water of guts. Indeed, even now water hues are likewise utilized and its look exceptionally delightful.

Coasting Rangoli


Glass Rangoli: Glass rangoli is not as much as well known but rather amid the no time one can utilize the instant painted glasses fit as a fiddle and size to make a snappy rangoli.



Sanskar Rangoli: It is known as sanskar Rangoli because of its outline and examples, which contains many circles and each circle speaks to various Sanskar of our life.



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